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Jewish Living

JFGH is dedicated to diversity in terms of race, religion, ethnic background, ability, socioeconomic background and medical condition. Providing meaningful and positive options for the residents and participants in JFGH homes and programs is fundamental to our mission.  For those who choose to follow Jewish practices, that extends to the way Judaism is offered and practiced at JFGH as well.  JFGH offers residents the opportunity to experience the beauty of Jewish tradition in many ways:

  • Participate in Jewish communal events and celebrations
  • Attend synagogue for Sabbath and holidays
  • Learn about the Jewish faith and culture through hands-on experiences
  • Live in residences where respect for Jewish traditions thrives and rituals are practiced, such as lighting Sabbath candles, having Sabbath and festival dinners, building and eating in Sukkot, lighting Hanukkah menorahs and hosting or attending Passover seders.
  • All of our homes have kosher kitchens so that all residents are comfortable consuming the food and beverages.

The JFGH Jewish Living Coordinator (JCL) helps facilitate all of the events and programs of a Jewish nature for the residents of our homes. The JLC acts as a liaison between JFGH and our homes; between our residents and area Jewish synagogues and Jewish institutions; between our staff members and the residents themselves.  All of the programs are designed to enhance the spiritual, intellectual and social lives of our residents, within a positive, Jewish framework.

The Jewish Living Program is jointly funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, the Ina and Jack Kay Jewish Living Fund, the Wagner-Braunsberg Jewish Living Fund, the David and Diane Sykes Tree of Life Fund and the Kosher Kitchen Fund.


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