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Residential Admissions

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving residential services from JFGH, the first step is to contact our main office at 240.283.6000. Reception will be happy to connect you to our Social Work Department, which oversees residential requests from application through admission.

During the initial conversation, we will obtain basic information regarding the potential applicant and answer questions about JFGH. If you would like to receive an application for residential services, please let us know at this time.

Once the application has been completed, it needs to be sent to JFGH with a $95 application fee. It is also helpful to include information such as a copy of DDA residential funding documentation if available; documentation of recent or relevant medical assessments; other evaluations or psychological testing; and the most recent annual Individual Plan, if there is one. Once the application is processed, a confirmation letter will be sent within two weeks.

The length of time an individual is on our waiting list varies. Although preference is given to those who have been waiting the longest, it is more important that a vacancy meets the needs of each applicant.

When an opening becomes available, we first turn to our waiting list to identify potential applicants. Those we believe may be a good fit are extended an invitation to meet with us. If at any time during the process an applicant or JFGH feels this is not a “good fit,” the process can stop, and the applicant will remain on our waiting list without any status change. Please note that several applicants may simultaneously be considered for one opening.

The next step in this process is a presentation by JFGH to our Admissions, Review and Discharge (ARD) Committee. Members of this committee, which is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are volunteers, decide who will be approved. Please note that the above process can take several months.

At the end of each calendar year, JFGH sends out an Annual Update Form to ensure an applicant’s files are up-to-date. To remain active on our waiting list, this form and a $95 annual fee are required. This annual fee helps to support the Gildenhorn-Speisman Waitlist Program, which includes waiting list maintenance; periodic education seminars for JFGH applicants, their families and advocates; and the Queue, a bi-annual newsletter.

To begin the application process, please call 240.283.6000.

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