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Pastoral Care Collage

A valued service of JFGH, pastoral care ensures dignity, personal choice and respect for our residents, program participants and staff. JFGH is the only local provider of residential services for people with disabilities that engages a full time, highly trained Chaplain.

Providing pastoral care is much more than illness and grief support—it is about emotionally connecting, at any time, with an individual in a manner in which he or she needs to be heard, engaged and validated.

As the needs vary, so do the various approaches of pastoral care to create meaningful interactions.

  • Comfort, guidance and listening
  • Active and engaging study groups
  • Awareness and invitations to Jewish community programs
  • Inclusion in Shabbat and holiday celebrations and services
  • Retreats
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Hospital visits
  • Follow-up home visits
  • Memorial services
  • Grief support

The goal of pastoral care as shared by our Chaplain, Linda Yitzchak, who holds a Masters in Judaic Studies, a Masters in Education and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Jewish Family Education, is “to be present for the individual—not a fixer, but rather a guide that helps individuals share their stories and concerns as they find personal meaning in our encounters, visits and group activities.”

Learn more about Jewish living at JFGH here, and for more information about pastoral care, please contact Linda Yitzchak, Chaplain, LYitzchak@jfgh.org or 240.283.6022.

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