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Social Work

The JFGH Social Work Department is dedicated to providing individualized support and sharing meaningful knowledge to empower interested individuals and their families.

We do this by offering…

  • Gildenhorn-Speisman Waiting List Program
    As part of JFGH’s commitment to prospective residents and their families, the Gildenhorn-Speisman Waiting List Program is designed to foster a connection to JFGH throughout the initial process; help prepare the family for an admission; and provide support while successfully transitioning into the JFGH family. This program includes…

    • Ongoing communication regarding JFGH’s application process.
    • Telephone support to answer questions.
    • The Queue, a bi-annual e-newsletter.
    • Annual educational forums.
  • Bruce K Smith Sibling Network
    The Network operates under the belief that inherent in every adult is the ability to succeed and thrive in life and as part of an extended family. We understand that the role of a JFGH sibling evolves and may present unique challenges. We are here to support siblings along the way. We encourage siblings by offering…

    • Social events.
    • Educational programs for JFGH siblings.
    • A private Facebook group for siblings of JFGH residents.
    • SIBLINK, a quarterly e-newsletter designed for and about JFGH Siblings.
  • Supportive Counseling The JFGH the Social Work Department understands that life can present a variety of challenges over time. To support residents and their families, we offer short-term transition counseling and community resources. We do this by offering…
    • Telephone or in-office support for residents and/or their families on issues related to family dynamics, aging and other topics.
    • Referral support when more than short-term help is needed.

For more information, please contact Beth K. Shapiro, LCSW-C, at 240.283.6018 or bshapiro@jfgh.org.

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