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Bruce K. Smith Sibling Network


As part of our commitment to residents and their families, JFGH created the Bruce K. Smith Sibling Network on behalf of siblings through social, emotional and educational resources.

The Network provides:

  • Educational opportunities unique for siblings of adults with intellectual and other disabilities.
  • Meaningful gathering opportunities for non-resident siblings to network and connect.
  • Social opportunities designed to enhance sibling relationships.
  • Emotional support for non-resident siblings.

Siblink e-Newsletter

Siblink, a quarterly e-newsletter of The Bruce K. Smith Sibling Network, provides siblings with information about events, links to articles, personal stories and research that is relevant to both local and out-of-town JFGH siblings. Read the latest Siblinks below:

The highlight of each Siblink issue is “Sibling Scribblings,” an article written by a fellow JFGH sibling who shares a personal story about the struggles and triumphs of being a sibling of an individual with disabilities. Read their stories below:

If you would like to receive Siblink, please email siblink@jfgh.org.


Are you on Facebook? Search Facebook Groups for JFGH, and you’ll find a private group specifically for JFGH siblings. Join the conversation!

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